CHARING CROSS (1908-2018)

CHARING CROSS (1908-2018)




Charing Cross is a junction in central London where six routes meet. The name Charing Cross derives from the old English word charing, meaning a bend in the river. The original Charing Cross was one of the medieval Eleanor crosses that stood here in the heart of the hamlet of Charing.

Charing Cross is famous for its second-hand bookshops. Book stores are located between Leicester Square Underground station and Cambridge Circus. You also can find more general second-hand and antiquarian shops. Here are a few of them – Quinto Bookshop, Henry Pordes, and Any Amount of Books.

On the right side of the photographs, you can see The New Grand Hotel Charing Cross, London 1880. The hotel is located at the corner of Strand and Northumberland Avenue. The Grand Hotel at Charing Cross was closed in October 1968 to make way for the new inner-city ring road.

Charles I monument is one of the finest statues in the area. The statue was erected in 1633 and is especially pertinent to the Charing Cross area as it sits on the original location of the Eleanor cross. You will find a Blue Plaque here marking the Eleanor cross. You will want to pay a visit to this site to get a full history of this fascinating area.

What to do in Charing Cross?

Charing Cross can feel a bit like a tourist hub. Tourists and Londoners milling around the millions of bus stops that surround the already packed Trafalgar Square. But, please, don’t let that scare you off. There’s a lot of secret stuff available in the area where you can build some lasting memories. You can find something special for everyone here.  Charing Cross Theatre is one of those places.

Things to Do near Charing Cross Station


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