BANK JUNCTION (1907-2018)

BANK JUNCTION (1907-2018)




Bank Junction Then and Now presented in the images above. Bank Junction is a major road junction in the City of London, the historical and financial center. It is named after the nearby Bank of England. Six streets converge on Bank Junction, where traffic is controlled by traffic lights and give-way lanes. Since May 2017, the junction has been closed to all vehicles except buses and bicycles from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday. Under the regulations, the junction is closed to all but buses and cyclists during weekday peak hours.

In 2016, Bank & Monument Station was named the 8th busiest tube station on the London Underground network behind stations such as Waterloo, Victoria, Kings Cross, and Liverpool Street. It was busier than stations such as Euston, Paddington, Canary Wharf, and Bond Street. Over 64 million people passed through the station which was up around 7 million more than the previous year. In 2021 a new entrance will be built to Bank, very close to Cannon Street station, and this will boost the capacity by around 40%. The works include 12 new escalators and 3 new lifts and work began on the new entrance in 2016.

The building on the right is the Royal Exchange. The original building was officially opened in 1571 by Queen Elizabeth I. Who awarded the building its royal title. The Great Fire of London destroyed the original building in 1666. The second complex was built on the site, designed by Edward Jarman, and opened in 1669. But that also burned down. The third building, which still stands, was designed by Sir William Tite in the 1840s. And one hopes that this one will not burn down anytime soon.

The Bank of England, on the left side of the old photograph, was originally designed by Sir John Soane and built between 1788 and 1833. The building in the new photograph was designed by Sir Herbert Baker and built between 1925 and 1939, partially replacing the old building. However, Sir John’s outer wall remains in place.

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